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141 Whitney Pl
Kitchener, ON, N2G


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One of a Kind Handcrafted Art

Crisara Studios is the creative workspace of husband and wife team; Chris and Sarah Stackhouse.


Established in Kitchener Ontario in 2011 is where we pursue our creative impulses to craft everything from custom gold and silver jewelry, carved and gilded drinking horns and knives to acrylic paintings, exotic wood carvings and historical reproductions.


We are a bit of an artistic odd couple. Sarah is a born and bred country girl, hailing from the deepest woods of Haliburton County; she is inspired by her close connection to nature and guided by an attention to detail that can pick out a deer hiding in a herd of caribou.


Chris on the other hand is a native of the untamed Kitchener suburbs. Raised on a steady diet of pop-culture and history books, his curiosity (which could kill a cat many times over) is the fuel which drives his creative mind.


Despite their sometimes contradictory natures and tastes, their styles have melded together over the years to generate a strangely cohesive body of work which they have displayed in galleries and exhibitions across South-Western Ontario.